Helping The Community With Blackburn and Darwen Police

We recently teamed up with Blackburn and Darwen Police to help a vulnerable woman with  health issues who had been struggling with everyday tasks. Her home had got into a very poor state which meant it was getting difficult for her to move between rooms and get into her bedroom at night.

A group of officers and staff volunteered to help her clear the house out. A skip was donated by Neales for this task. Such a small gesture of kindness helped to go a long way in the community.



The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2016

Our fully compliant hazardous waste disposal staff

From the 1st April 2016, The Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005 (S.I. 2005/894) amendments will take effect. Chris McGuire, Senior Technical Sales Consultant for Neales Waste Management explores the impact this will have on businesses and their procedures.

Not everyone knows the details surrounding the changes and how exactly it will affect them and their businesses. 

Prior to 1st April 2016 any company producing over 500kgs of Hazardous Waste a year would have to register their premises electronically with the Environment agency. This registration requirement has now been removed.

Previously the Premises Code would have consisted of a 6 digit number generated when you registered your site with the Environment agency and would have been valid for a 12 month period. Going forward the first six digits of the consignment note code (previously the premises code) must be replaced by the six letters or numbers relating to the name of the business e.g. NEALES. Once selected, this code will remain in place without renewal. The remaining five digits of the note will continue to be five letters/ numbers of the waste producers/waste removal agent’s choosing but each consignment note must be unique. Once this consignment note code has been set up this format must be consistently used. It’s important to note that this is now the case for all hazardous waste producers no matter the volume so even those producing less than 500kg are now included.

The other major change is the harmonising of SIC codes. Customers will now use their 2007 SIC code (currently used for non-hazardous waste removals) on the consignment note instead of the 2003 SIC codes.

The general consensus is the changes are positive. Financially, businesses will save money in registration fees and in administration time so in that respect it’s a great move. This saving will be passed on to the customers relieving them of some of the costs involved in depositing hazardous waste. 

Previously, codes were generated for the customer by the Environmental Agency. The process either renewed their code or generated a new one on a yearly basis. Waste producers now need to be aware that once the first 6 digit code is chosen it must be used by all hazardous waste disposal companies operating on their site. 

As with any change, communication will be key to the successful adaption of the updated legislation. Waste Management Companies such as Neales will have to work closely with their customers to ensure that they are aware of the changes and all external parties will have to be informed of the code changes otherwise problems could occur with future returns. The transfer over to everyone using the same code system will make the system more efficient, reduce costs and hopefully be beneficial for all parties involved. 

Premises in Wales will still be expected to register with the Natural Resources Wales. There will be no changes in receiving waste from Wales into England but when consigning waste from England to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland the consignment note code will need to use the new format.

Hazardous waste producers will, of course, still need to ensure that their waste is classified, separated and stored appropriately and an authorised business such as Neales collects and disposes of their hazardous waste. 

Key Changes in hazardous waste legislation 

  • The Premises Code will no longer be generated by the Environmental Agency every 12 months. 
  • Businesses will choose their own code based on their company name.
  • The SIC code used on consignment notes from the 1st April must use the 2007 list.
  • All Waste Producers must now use a Premises Code no matter how much waste they produce.

Neales Waste Management sign a contract with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

PRESS RELEASE: 28 September 2015

Neales Waste Management has announced a contract with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

The contract was recently awarded to Neales after successfully completing a tendering process conducted by Procure Plus. Neales provide waste depots with dedicated skips and roll-on-offs at key Rochdale locations for council employees and contractors to dispose of waste and recycling responsibly. Additional ad hoc services are also required when particular house clearances or renovations are being conducted.  

Commenting on the announcement of the new Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, Neales, Director, Hugh Stewart said 

‘Our primary focus is to provide Rochdale with the highest quality service but at the best value. Neales have the resources and expertise to provide Rochdale with detailed data on a monthly basis so performance can be tracked and monitored. Every month Neales aim to improve and find more cost efficient ways of managing Rochdale’s waste and recycling.’

‘This is a very exciting time for Neales, the Rochdale contract represents another successful step in the right direction to expanding Neales and reaching key goals and targets.’


Notes to editors:

Neales Waste Management 

Founded in 1991 Neales Waste Management (Neales) is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies. Operating across the North West Neales has its head office in Blackburn, Lancashire.  The company employs 140 people across 10 sites and manages approximately 150,000 tonnes of waste a year.  Neales Waste Management is part of Cementir Holdings, which has operations worldwide.

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