Material Recycling and Fuel Production Plant In Chorley, Lancashire

material recycling

Did you know that our sister company Quercia invested £8 million to develop a material recycling and fuel production facility in Chorley, Lancashire?

The purpose of the facility is to use waste as a resource by extracting valuable materials for recycling and to produce a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) using the remaining residual fraction.

The SRF is baled and sent directly to the cement kilns of cement manufacturer Aalborg Portland in Denmark

Material Recycling in Lancashire

Even businesses that source segregate recyclable material can benefit from this facility as can those who don’t. With some of the latest technology the facility can extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as several plastic materials such as HDPE, LDPE, PP and PET. These materials are then sent on to be recycled into new products.

SRF Fuel Production in Lancashire

Once recyclable materials have been extracted the remaining residual fraction is used to produce a Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). This is then sent on for use within the cement manufacture process, reducing the requirement for non-renewable fuels. Two tonnes of SRF replace one tonne of petroleum coke with each tonne replaced displacing over 3,375 kg CO2e produced from non-renewable sources.

The resultant ash from SRF is consumed within the cement product, forming a completely closed cycle and reducing the carbon impact of quarrying and transporting higher volumes of natural aggregate resource.

Neales Waste Golf Day 2017

attempt 2 Neales Waste Golf Day 2017

Neales Waste Management hosted its first company golf tournament on Thursday 17th August at Leyland Golf Club.

After years of speculation from Neales Waste Staff, Garage Manager Steven Carroll decided it was time to find out who the best golfer at Neales Waste Management really is.

Despite a strong wind, golfers from Neales battled it out for 18 holes with LGV driver Tony Jones coming out on top.

The Neales Waste golf day was a huge success and is certain to become an annual event. Everyone in the company can’t wait to tee it up for the next Neales Waste golf day in 2018!


Neales skip donation plays a big part in renovating Neurosurgical Ward Garden

Garden pre RenovationGarden post renovation

Neales Waste Management have kindly donated the use of a skip to help with the clearing of plants and soil at the Neurosurgical Ward Garden at Preston Hospital.

The official opening of the garden took place on 28th July 2017.

Staff Nurse, Fiona Samson, entered the Dobbies ‘Helping Your Community Grow’ competition in an effort to revitalise the space and make it a more appropriate setting for patients and their families to spend some time away from the ward.

Fiona said “I undertook this project because every aspect of the care we provide to our patients matters. The patients we see are faced with life changing events and this can be very traumatic for them and their loved ones. It is my hope that, once stable, the patients and their families can have some quality time together in a non-clinical space, with the reassurance that nursing staff are just on the other side of a door, and that this will provide some comfort during such a difficult time.”

Neales are the waste management provider for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals and Business Manager, Graeme Coope said “Neales Waste Management are delighted to support Royal Preston Hospital with the sensory garden renovation. It’s a fantastic idea and I’m sure the extra space will make a difference to patients and their families.

The Benefits of a Scheduled Roll on/Roll off Service

roll on mailshot

Human beings are creatures of habit and at Neales Waste Management we understand that your business is no different.

A chaotic work environment can hinder your company’s efficiency and more importantly it could present health and safety concerns.

A roll on/roll off container can contain over 12 tonnes of waste and you’d be astonished how quickly waste can accumulate.

A scheduled service

  • Prevents the risk of you forgetting to let us know your business requires a collection. We are all human after all.
  • Provides you a guaranteed date and day of service. We are creatures of habit after all.
  • Enables your company to plan its operations effectively. We all want our business to keep growing after all.

We provide different sized roll on/roll off containers starting from a 20 yard container moving all the way up to a 50 yard container. Our local waste consultant would be happy to help you find the perfect container to match your business’s waste needs regardless of waste stream

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